The Studio

"Celebrating the start of your new family by supporting the ones we work with"

Christina Devine

Couture techniques

Our beautiful space holds both our intimate showroom and atelier. All of our pieces are handmade in our Hong Kong studio using couture and classic dressmaking techniques.

Handcrafted in Hong Kong

Our team is part of a larger family of craftsmen and artists in our Hong Kong home. We passionately believe in conserving the art of dressmaking while continuously innovating our designs and process.

Ethical Workmanship

Personally knowing who and how our designs come to life ensures that we bring humanity and consciousness back to the creation process.

Luxury Fabrics

Exceptional fabrics and laces are at the heart of our creations. We partner with heritage mills across Europe, Japan and South Korea to ensure quality and transparency.

Knowing where our fabrics come from and how they are made is as important as the dressmaking process itself.