Custom Journey

We believe in making your experience personal, intimate and worthy of your wedding day.

Our process is unrivalled in its thoroughness, fit and most importantly, attention to you. Every bride will enjoy a custom journey, whether buying from our Collection or designing a fully Bespoke dress. There are no hidden costs in ensuring you feel your best as we design and bring your perfect dress to life. 


The Play

What better way to find your perfect dress than playing with different dresses and shapes.


We encourage having fun and taking photos for your friends and family until you find 'the' dress.


All free of charge of course.


The Toile

Toile is a type of fabric, stemming from the French word for 'canvas'.


True to its meaning, we create a test canvas to ensure your dress is shaped and fitted through a series of intimate fittings. This is also where we can tweak the design to best suit you.

We love this additional step because it delivers the highest quality of fit.

The Making

Cut by hand to your measurements, your dress comes to life in our Hong Kong studio by the expertise of our exceptional craftsmen.

The Fittings

The final fittings focus on perfecting the fit and finalising all the details right before your big day.


For those seeking a bespoke experience, Christina Devine will guide you through a collaborative design and styling process, leveraging over a decade of fashion expertise, to create a truly one-of-kind dress.

For our bespoke dresses, we add two stages between The Play and The Toile.

The Design

A guided process to explore your ideas and inspirations, bringing them to life through hand illustrations.

Once a design is selected, a technical drawing and paper pattern is created, ready for The Toile to be cut.

The Fabric

Exceptional fabrics and laces are at the heart of our creations. Using our library of samples we explore  the optimal material for your design.

We then ethically source the fabrics and laces from the heritage mills we partner with.

A dress for life

We love working with brides to explore how we can bring life to your dress beyond your wedding day.


Please ask for more details when you get in touch.